SpaceAge associates have experience where it counts. In front of customers. Our philosophy is that, even though we’re experts at digital communications, there still is no substitute for the personal sales meeting. No marketing tool is as impactful, flexible, and resilient as an experienced salesperson. Our process is to learn our clients’ needs and match our products to meet their goals. We have belief in our efforts. And we never forget that it has to be fun!

At SpaceAge, it’s not about us…it’s about our clients. And we live and breathe that principle. We’ve sold nearly all types of advertising and marketing products, from print to digital, and from trade shows to sponsorships. (We haven’t sold billboards yet, but we’re willing to give it a try!)

We also have the skills to help your clients develop a meaningful marketing plan, and can effectively recommend a mix of your products and services to meet their marketing goals.

In this age of new and varied media and marketing tools, you need representation that understands traditional as well as new media, and knows the strengths and weaknesses of each channel. We bring that expertise to the table.

Southern New England Living’s launch party, a targeted special event, was produced by SpaceAge’s Rhonda Walsh
SpaceAge Media Consultants
With knowledge in many markets and many channels
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